7,500 DOORS

We’ve spent the past two weeks in Fremont, California studying ministry to Muslims and doing door to door evangelism. The founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham, had a dream for our base called “Fremont for Jesus” that was birthed out of a vision he had – one Bible in every home of San Fran/Fremont. That not one person would be out of His reach! We were walking dreams come true for a couple of weeks, reaching 7,500 HOMES IN FREMONT, and it was PHENOMENAL.

We have a couple of stories to share, but before that we wanted to give you a look into what our days have been full of! Our mornings were spent with some quiet Jesus time and peanut butter toast. Then we’d get into a two hour class on ministry to Muslims/ ministry in Eastern vs. Western culture, stop for a lunch break then continue with class. After that, worship and intercession before we broke out into evangelism teams!

In teams of two or three, we’d grab our maps – outlining the exact route of houses that hadn’t yet been reached – and head out for about three hours (then ending the day with debrief and dinner, finishing up around 7pm).

As far as our door to door time goes – Ultimately we’d go to each door, knock or ring the doorbell, then wait. If no one answered, we’d leave a “door hanger” with the gospel of John (a lot of times adding a written prophetic word for them) in it and some awesome cards with contact info (don’t want to leave these people hanging when Holy Spirit touches them)! If they came to the door, we would allow Holy Spirit lead however He wanted. As an example, “Hi! I’m Becca! Jesus CHANGED MY LIFE. We are out here loving on/blessing people, giving away some cool gifts and seeing if you might need prayer for anything!” etc. Then we’d watch Jesus move (that always looked different and incredible).

Never had Samuel or I EVER thought we would be going door to door like this. It challenges your pride, joy, fear of man, “rights”, patience, MOTIVES, and most of all your personal relationship with Jesus. If I have learned anything these past two weeks, it’s just that. We cannot give something to people that we don’t actually have/know for ourselves.

If we say Jesus is great and something people NEED in their lives, we need to be able to genuinely tell them WHY.

My intimacy with Jesus has been so challenged these past two weeks, it’s overwhelming. I’ve seen Him more REAL and clearly than I ever have before. I want to know everything about Him, everything. Firstly for me, but also so I can truly give everything about Him to everyone else.

Whew. Feel free to take a break and come back, LOL. I know it’s a long post, but these two weeks have been full of so much GOODNESS. We HAVE to share!

We talked with everyone you could possibly think of; Pagan Wiccans, Muslims, Atheists, people who practiced New Age, Buddhists, Agnostics, Catholics, Hindus, Christians, nanny’s, stay at home moms, a symphony orchestrator, people hurt by the church, a truck driver, people who just got out of prison, people addicted to drugs and alcohol, millionaires, people addicted to lust, people cheating on their spouses, lonely grandmas and grandpas, all of them. We even talked with a man and saw three prostitutes come out of his house while we were praying over him. Jesus was messing the city (and the darkness the enemy has been holding them captive in) UP. It didn’t matter where these people were at in life, Jesus met them.








… & SO much more!

Just by obediently bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to their doorsteps, our teams saw Jesus heal, restore, free, and fill people up with all that He is. It was one of the most humbling and honoring experiences we have ever had.

Favorite story of the past two weeks//


So what can I say about Fremont…Well it was a long two weeks. I think that came with it feeling like a transitional phase, so it was hard for me to make myself give it 100% since we knew our next step was already planned.

With that said the door to door experience was interesting to say the least. Met a lot of awesome people, different cultures and interesting characters. The initial feeling of going door to door came with a lot of different thoughts and the first door you walk up to was a little nerve racking but after that it was pretty easy, for me at least.

The coolest story for us during these two weeks of door to door for 3-4hrs a day was the first day at our last house. It was me, Becca, and our awesome friend Bobbi. She went and knocked and this guy who was about 30 opened up, and we told him we were doing this thing called Fremont for Jesus, just going around and seeing if people needed any prayer, encouraging them, blessing them. He responded with “Really?”, It felt a little sarcastic and demeaning and I thought we were about to get a door slammed with a few choice words, but this guy said “come in and you will understand after I tell you my story.”

Just a little hesitant we went in and this guy told us about some problems he was going through the last month and said he grew up in the church but had fallen away and just felt like there was no purpose to it. That week he had been asking God to give him a sign and hope for his situation if it was all real. Our group was the perfect group to be able to speak into his life and situation, give him hope, peace and the love of Jesus for the last hour of that day.

The divine appointment, even though it came by us going to every house in his neighborhood, ended up being one of the highlights of these weeks for us.



Two stories, one night. (Also, I’m sharing this because it’s crazy powerful, and because Samuel shared from our door to door time – giving y’all a good taste of the various ways we’ve been doing ministry here)!

A few nights into our first week, our team went to San Fran for a Saudi Arabian event for evangelism. I asked Jesus for someone to share His love with there. Before we left I got a picture of a girl sitting in front of me at a bar. Holy Spirit told me she had one specific relationship from her past that had completely broken her. Honestly didn’t even know if there would be a bar at the event, but in my notes I wrote: “Bar. Woman by herself. Broken from past relationship.”

Once we got there, I couldn’t find anyone for the first half of the event. Instead of being discouraged I just talked with a few other people and asked Holy Spirit to move in me however He wanted. After half time break, we went back in for the next session. Right away I felt impressed to go back out to the bar we had seen across from the lobby area.

I went back out and again, no woman to be found at the bar. Sat down for a little while then randomly got up and walked around the lobby. I saw a man pass me and Jesus highlighted him to me immediately. I basically followed him to the elevator (lol) and ended up asking if he needed prayer for anything. His words were “Yeah, compassion for people. For everyone.” (So basically “world peace” I guess?). Anyway, I found out his name was Jeremy and we kept talking for a while. I got to asking him about his beliefs and sharing mine.

Then I asked if he had anything he wants prayer for that was specifically for him. He answered with, “I’ve got a lot of things I could use prayer for, darlin’.” I spent the next ten minutes or so encouraging him as much as possible. Then spoke power and encounter with Jesus and His presence over him before I headed back up to the lobby.

YOU GUYS. I was walking back into the event and it hit me that he looked like Hawk Eye from the Avengers. I googled the actor and it was Jeremy Renner. Straight. Up. Shared JESUS with Hawk Eye. It was him, we saw him again later on in the lobby (after I told Samuel about what had happened). IT WAS AWESOME.

Jesus was definitely not done with the night though! After the event, Samuel and I went into the bar and ordered a sprite with mint leaves (LOL, to blend in). I sat down next to a woman named Clara. She was alone. She had been married for 20 years and found out he had been unfaithful to her the entire time. We talked for half an hour or so.

I was able to tell her that Jesus sees her, He knows the deepest, darkest, most broken places of her heart and CAN HEAL them. Wants to heal them. She started sobbing. Long story short (ish), I got to pray over her and show her my notes confirming she was my treasure and JESUS WANTED TO MEET HER THAT NIGHT. That night was the first time she had been prayed for or talked to Jesus herself.

As I left, I asked her, “Clara. Can you do something for me tonight? Try talking to Jesus. Talk with Him. He’ll talk to you, I know it. Can you promise me that?”. She said yes. I believe POWERFUL LIFE ALTERING things happened between her and Jesus that night, and I am forever grateful for that.

Easily one of the craziest nights of my entire life. Thank. You. Jesus.

5 Replies to “7,500 DOORS”

  1. Love your story. I’m now an old woman of 70 but years ago my husband and I went to New York City and worked with Teen Challenge basically doing street ministry like you. It was an awesome two weeks I will never forget. God bless you for your obedience to Him.

  2. Ya’ll! This just blesses me to hear thre genuine God- encounters ya’ll are having! I’m over here cheering for ya’ll as you step into all that He has planned for ya’ll! Standing in prayer for each person you still minister to and for courage to shift nations for Jesus!

  3. 7,500 Doors….WOW. That is incredible. Stories are remarkable. God is amazing! Praying that you will continue to follow His perfect lead. We are bound by so many chains it is incredible to hear you breaking through them and trusting Him in His perfect wisdom. Love you.

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