Sitting here with an almost packed up room, we are making our final decisions on what we need for the next 3 months and what we can fit into our travel backpacks. Should this post be about what the last chapter looks like or what the expectations are for the next? I think a little bit of both will have to do since I can’t making up my mind and I’m on the third rewrite of these first 3 sentences.

The lecture portion of this adventure is coming to an end. Becca and I are on our way to Fremont, CA with the other DTS students for a couple weeks of outreach/Ministry to Muslim training, and then we head to Southeast Asia.  Switching up the routine is always exciting and a little uneasy. With the amazing growth all of us have experienced the last couple months, the only way to go is up. This is the transition of taking what you’ve learned and putting it into action which is a whole different mountain to climb. We have been keeping journals/notes since we got to Redding. These have our quite times we have been having every morning and notes from all the amazing people we have had teaching our classes every week, to spontaneous songs and the teachings of Bethel services we got to go too. This journal is also going on outreach with us. I’m sure you are asking why i’ve been rambling on about this journal but I think this is the item in my packing that defines and describes the transition that is taking place. A notebook half full of knowledge that I have taken in and need to go back through and then the other half of blank pages with so much potential. What will the previous pages have to influence the new, and what will the new entail? With the emotions of leaving people we have been doing life with the last three months we all have these journals that will be going with us to make new memories and remember the old.


Now for expectations! Too many to write about, but here we go!

We will be going to SE Asia for two months starting April 16th (If you want to know where exactly in SE Asia, just ask us. We can’t post it publicly due to the danger in associating it with YWAM and our missionary contacts who live there. It is illegal to preach the Gospel where we are going.). As of now we know that our ministry will involve;

  • Ministry to Muslims
  • Red Light District
  • Hindu Temples
  • Village/Slums Ministry
  • Street/Healing Evangelism
  • Street Preaching

We’ve also had a few dreams/visions we are excited to see what Jesus will do with (which we will share with you all after we get back!). Who knows! Our expectations for this trip are basically for Him to BLOW our expectations out of the water. And He will!


Mostly we really wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know we are alive and doing SO well. These past few weeks have been packed, as we all get ready to be sent out to win souls, see Jesus heal broken hearts, and witness people’s lives be completely made new by Him. We are so ready and so EXCITED. Please be praying for strategy, safety and boldness over us and our team! 

Samuel & Becca

6 Replies to “ONE CHAPTER DOWN”

    1. Praying safety and protection over you and that you will be used mightily everywhere you go! Believing for miracles!

  1. Eeekkk! So excited! Loved the analogy of the journal, what a beautiful picture! We are continuing to pray! Love you both immensely!

  2. So encouraging to hear your updates. I pray God continues to bless you greatly as you embark on every new phase of your journey. Praying for you all.

  3. So excited to see what He does thru you both on your outreach! How exciting that your’e in charge of media..ya’ll are great at it! and what is to come will unfold as you move into your destiny…hold on tight! It is quite the wonderful wild ride…can’t wait to hear your stories of His faithfulness! Standing in the gap for you! Be strong and courageous the Lord is with you as you go in to take over Asia for Jesus!

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