Every DTS at Redding YWAM is required to do a “Faith Day”. Our leaders divide everyone into groups, give the option of one-day or an overnight, and send everyone out. The basis of Faith Day/Night is; no food, no money, no plans (see picture below). You get with your team and Jesus, and listen to where He leads you. We chose overnight!

We left for San Fransisco at 9:00am Feb. 23 and got back to Redding Feb. 24 at 3:30pm. We had no money the entire way there and back, and didn’t eat anything for over 30 hours. Jesus carried us the whole way, in every way.

For more details, we documented most of our trip, and uploaded it to our youtube page. If you would like to watch the video, click this link // SAN FRAN / Faith Day


A few of the words we got and how they were fulfilled//

  • San Fransisco (3 1/2 hours from Redding, we got permission to go further than 2)
  • “ACCESS” (a Muslim man let us onto the bridge into the city without paying the full toll!)
  • Red Flags (ended up being Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39 – we shared Jesus with about seven people there)
  • Salt Water Taffy in Barrels (which we found in a store at the Pier, ministered there)
  • Business Man/Wealthy (we found a few lol!)
  • Hot Coffee (we did ministry in and outside of a coffee shop, downtown San Fran)
  • Outer-space/Constellations (we ministered in a museum and the San Fran Church of Scientology)

Favorite miracle/moment of the trip// 


I have two favorites but I’ll let Samuel share one of them (it was definitely a favorite of our entire team)!

Secondly, I would have to truly say the trip as a whole. We spent so much time coming together and making sure we were in unity about every decision, every next step forward. We also had to do a lot of the “step aside and take a moment to encourage each other” moments. It was SO much easier to get discouraged than we had anticipated, and we were challenged in ways we never knew we could be. 

On the drive back we processed a lot of what happened. I laid my head down to nap on the drive back and I had a vision of one of the men we ministered to. (In my vision) I saw him walking by us, us ministering to him and letting him know Jesus loves him, then he walked on happily about his day. Next I saw the same scene again but we didn’t talk to him. He walked by us and jumped off of one of the San Fran bridges to his death. It was the most encouraging thing Holy Spirit could’ve showed me on that drive back.

He showed me that what we did truly mattered. He has a Kingdom agenda that we can’t always see, and that’s okay. He is a strategic and magnificent God, and He moved in/with us regardless of what we did or didn’t see happen. God specifically and intentionally used us to change people’s entire lives in the short time we were in that city, it was unreal. In ways we will never know, He moved. I believe that as long as we’re obedient and in love with who He is, He’ll move. THAT was my favorite. 


Oh faith day…So we were told a day before we left about what we were about to do. After being in class for the last six weeks I was so ready to go out, also pretty nervous. There is way to much that happened then what I am able to share without turning this into a novel but one of the biggest lessons I learned is this: it’s in the small things.  After the first 3-4hrs of talking to some people but no real “crazy miracles” we hit a low point. No one was feeling like there were certain people we needed to talk to or a certain place we needed to go and then fatigue set in…oh us poor americans going 6hrs without food or snacks is a tragedy…right?

Well I felt God say to have the group pick a number between 1-10 and that is going to be the number of people we have to go up to without them being “highlighted” and ask if they need prayer/ let them know Jesus loves them. Being that I knew the outcome of this game I felt it to be fair that i take the number 5. Becca chose 4 and Brianna chose 7. I then told them the significance of those numbers and the game began. Later on that night, still not feeling like we had accomplished much (even though we had talked to about 20 people at this point) and more fatigued (still without food)l, I felt like we should look those numbers up in scripture. 5 was the 5th book in the bible i.e Deuteronomy , chapter 4, verse 7… NKJV “For what great nation is there that has God so near to it, as the Lord our God is to us, for whatever reason we may call upon Him?” Walking around San Fran at 11pm, feeling like we weren’t doing what we were supposed to (or that it should – “look different”), God gave us that verse and we just felt His presence. Right there as we read it, we didn’t feel hungry or tired and got a second wind to go talk to more people and worship for two hours in a random park until 2am….Oh faith day.


Right after our Faith Day weekend, we got to spend a week in Lake Tahoe. It was technically a rest week, so there isn’t much to share about for our time there other than pictures! Enjoy//


  1. So amazing y’all! I love the journey and how you are being detailed for ya! Feel like my faith is growing because of your time there! Love you

  2. That is so awesome!!! When we were in Bible School, we had so many faith days, we had to believe God for everything, we made $800 a month, tithe $80, which left $720 and our budget was $1075 every month. We prayed everyday for our daily bread, presented our budget to God and every month, all bills were made, every month was a miracle!!! So proud of y’all!!! Read Deuteronomy 8:2-11 in the New Living Translation, love y’all!!!

  3. OMGosh I love your Faith Day story. It’s incredible to see Jesus in action and how he used you in mighty ways. Stepping Up, Stepping Out, Letting Jesus take the wheel. Love it. Praise God.

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