We’re here, we officially made it! This has been nothing short of a wild ride.

The moment we drove our packed up little SUV (Lorenzo) onto i40 toward Redding, we knew. All of the peace we could ever need filled us, confirming His plans in the terrifying moment we were in – leaving everything, except one another, behind.


We arrived in Redding Sunday night, greeted by the sweet couple we’d be bunking with these next three months of missions training, unpacked everything and got some sleep.

MONDAY was terrible and wonderful. New people, new place, no financial security, no plan, no control (lol that one kills me), nothin’. We felt discomfort immediately, in EVERY way. It was really hard.

We were surrounded by a few other married couples, staff, and a good 20-25 young single guys and girls. Initially when I wrote this, if I’m being real (we are really trying to be as honest as possible in our posts), I had only explained Monday as terrible. I decided I would add wonderful BECAUSE of these people. Our DTS group; people from all over the world, different backgrounds and ages, became family within a day.

The bond to one another that Holy Spirit graced us all with is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Kingdom family.


The week continued with morning quiet time, worship and intercession, public testimonies, lecture and training classes, learning to move in the gift of prophecy, work duties (community serving), and insane evenings filled with powerful moves of God. He is completely capturing our hearts. We’ve experienced healing, growth together, new depths with Jesus and boldness to move forward with expectancy in Him and ALL He is going to do.

We are also officially RUINED for normal life, life without living every second with Him. This week has opened us up to the Kingdom of God in ways we could NEVER have imagined, and it’s only been ONE WEEK. I can honestly say we have no idea what to expect for this coming week, but we are excited and so ready.

Favorite miracle/moment this week // 

Becca –

This is nearly impossible for me. Jesus did SO many things this week. We saw physical healings in people, got prophetic words spoken over us, had the greatest quiet time moments of all time, all the good stuff. If I had to choose one, I would have to say one of my quiet time mornings with Jesus. I think it was Thursday, finally a beautiful clear sky in the morning. I watched the sun come up with Him on the dreamy ranch we are staying on for a couple of weeks, listening to worship and drinking coffee, just sitting and quietly singing. He had told me earlier this week that this season with Him would be a quieter one. An intimate one. If you know me at all, you know I’m loud. You know I have an opinion for everything, an answer for everything, one million words to give in a single day, and a laugh loud enough to have the police called on me for. So this week Jesus said to me, “Be still. Rest in me. Listen to me and hear me.”

So, this Thursday morning I did that. Just sat and listened. He spoke to me clearer than I have ever personally experienced with Him. I know that doesn’t seem like the most “exciting” moment considering the wild things we have seen this week, but it meant the world to me and He knew that. Confirmation. I’m excited for this season of intimacy, of quietness, of stillness, of listening and learning. Going deep.


Samuel –

Where to start…Well I guess leading up to this whole adventure I had a lot of expectations, well not expectations, more so ideas and thoughts about how everything was going to happen and look. Of course everything has been nothing short of amazing. And thats honest guys. I never thought I would be leaving a good paying job and comfort to do a 3 month DTS, then a 3 month outreach right after, especially in the first 3 years of marriage. (As i’m writing, I am realizing how poetic it is since my favorite number is 3.) Anyways…sorry for that rabbit trail.

So the first week, as Becca mentioned up top, was full of things I have only heard about, up until now. A lady who had worn hearing aids for the last 13yrs of her life walking away, leaving them behind with the man that had just prayed for her. (Hearing the skepticism of past me as I write and reminisce.) But don’t we believe in a God that can do the unimaginable?  The “loud” miracles are great but getting more in-tune with recognizing the “soft” ones has also been one of the highlights this first week.  The practicality of God is something that hits closer to home for me.  What if, as you are reading the scriptures you have read and heard since you were too little to understand, you read until you feel a pause in your breathe, in the universe, or in your heart and you re-read that verse over and over and over and….you get the picture. Then you drain all the juice, nutrients, and life you can get out of that thing and then you move on. For whatever reason this never occurred to me and it has been the most influential piece of info I received this week.

With that all painted out, through my quite time, a healing conference, DTS classes, a bethel service and this great community, I feel like this season is one of constant change and power like a waterfall, explosion like a fountain and the chaotic peacefulness of a mountain stream.


We also had to add a few shots of the ranch we’re staying on for two more weeks (and the cutest ranch dog Zooey).


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