A marriage post:


It’s been roughly two and half months since Jesus gave us the “Yo, your lives will drastically be changing this January.” Honestly, the funniest part of it all so far is what we expected with this journey, and what it actually looks like.

I know it’s not even been three months but MAN.

A short back story for you guys; Once upon a time two people met when they were 12, flirted in middle school, weren’t fond of each other through most of high school then went their separate ways for college. They found each other once again, fell in love, dated, got engaged and were married in less than a year. Once they were married all hell broke loose. They both worked full time, had a million unresolved issues individually and together, had NO idea how to communicate well, bought a house (super great but SUPER stressful), and learned to juggle the fun balance of new family, friends, one on one time, and even alone time. Lol at people who kept asking us if we were planning on getting pregnant anytime soon. Good LORD no. 

Our. marriage. has. been. SO. hard.

Example: We write vows every year for our anniversary. Our first year anniversary, we sat down at dinner and gave each other our vows to read. BOTH of ours started with something along the lines of, “Omg this year was so tough…“.

A lot of you don’t know that. We try to be as real as possible via social media and especially with friends/family, but so many battles have been fought privately (as they should be). Let me just note really quickly; if you are married and you’re reading this – ALL MARRIAGES ARE HARD. Literally all of them. We know that, and our goal in briefly sharing and writing this post is to encourage you. You are NOT alone. (The second goal is to let the world know how proud of ourselves we are. Ha!)

Now knowing a little bit more about our relationship, imagine us finding out that Jesus had a new desire and direction for our lives. Honestly, we were both so excited and felt CRAZY peace as we “decided to” be obedient (it is such an honor to follow Jesus), but it was difficult. We’re BOTH planners, go-getters, and in many ways too practical. People would tell us encouraging things like, “If He calls you to it, He’ll get you through it.” (so good but actually hurts for me to even write because – cheesy). It was still a tough choice to officially go with it, but we knew/know it would all work out and that Jesus absolutely has it and has us.

BUT let me just say, if you are a married couple and are stepping into a MAJOR call of God on your life, the enemy will be PISSED. I have never, even coming from a difficult marriage, seen anything like this. It’s so obvious that it’s the enemy too, but that never makes it easier. Normal marriage has been hard, but this is ridiculous. Struggles and arguments you never would imagine you’d even deal with.

BUT ALSO you guys, Jesus has us. We are using these attacks to fuel and energize us forward. Pulling one VERY important thing from them – CONFIRMATION. We’re going the right way, and WE, together, can do this.

Please be covering us in prayer as we go forward. As lite as I aimed to make this post, we know it’s a heavy attack that will continue to pry it’s way between Samuel and I.


To the two who are both EXTREMELY STUBBORN.

To the two who have no idea how to communicate with one another (we’ve gotten better but STILL).

To the two who just want to have a good time together but are WAY to serious about almost everything.

To the two who sometimes act like they don’t need each other but really, really do.

To the two who FOR SOME REASON have to go through marriage hell every 3-4 months like it’s some kind of requirement to stay married.

To the two who are about to experience a monumental life change and don’t know how to handle almost any of it.

To the two who care too much about planning and security and checking boxes (especially at the age of 26).

To the two who are short with each other because leaving your jobs and raising funds for a new calling is crazy stressful.

To the two who are GRACIOUSLY given confirmation after confirmation that Jesus wants them together, even when they (truly) doubt it.

To the two who have NO IDEA how INSANE this experience is going to be and what Jesus is going to do with it.

To the two who freaking made is this far.

To the two who will always survive through it all.

To the two who finally care about nothing more than Jesus and where He is taking them, together.

To the two of us.

Cheers to us. This ride is wild.

– Sam & Bec

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