Hi all! So, Samuel and I have been married, working full time jobs (he, an assistant manager at Wecks Restaurants and I, a Program Director with Freedom House NM), and enjoying the “normal” day-to-day in ABQ, NM for the past two and a half years. A couple of months ago, we felt God stirring in both of us that a transition was coming. A big one. We first felt a release from our current “positions”, but also our current City. Knowing nothing about what He had next, we prayed. We prayed alone, we prayed together, we prayed for each other, we PRAYED. We sought God for His direction and His clarity.


In 2011, I went on a missions trip to Kenya, Africa through Christ for the Nations Institute. After my 3 week trip, God had left His mark on my heart so strongly with the beautiful people I met there. I’ve known for years that He would call me back to missions in some way, but to be honest with you, I had no idea what that would look like. I knew, aside from the continual tug at my spirit to “go back” and bring people more of Jesus’ power, love and presence, I was where I needed to be in the meantime with Freedom House and a brand new husband. Now that God has begun to uproot us from where we currently are (in every way), we feel Holy Spirit’s peace for our next step.


The peace we have found has led us to this – a 5 month YWAM DTS Mission in Redding, CA; three month Lecture Phase (training and city outreach/mission) in Redding and a two month Outreach in Asia/Middle East/Africa – beginning January 2018, going through May 2018 FULL MISSIONS SITE HERE. We are shocked, eager, nervous, thrilled, everything you would imagine we’d be. But we are at peace with every bit of it. AND we’ve been APPROVED! We are officially on our way, walking each step out with faith in His plan for us.

As we will be leaving our job/career security and financial stability to do this mission with Jesus, we are going to need support. We believe in full transparency when asking anyone to support you (in any way) but in this case financially. Below we’ve listed a brief breakdown of our financial need for this huge next step!

– Becca



  • Lecture/Training phase Cost:

◦Registration Fee – $40

◦Deposit – $500

◦Remaining Lecture Fees for Food and Housing – $1,895

◦Books Fee -$60

◦Tracks (optional addition to lecture phase) – $500. (Samuel and I would like to attend one track)

  • Outreach Phase Cost:

◦There are multiple potential locations where we may send an outreach. All outreach locations are prayerfully chosen for every school. If you choose to only go to one nation for outreach, the cost will range from about $3,000-$4,000, depending on the nation.


Samuel – $6,995

Becca – $6,995




We realize that being called to something like this as a married couple means twice as much needs to be raised. We truly believe in this and that this is the next step for both of us. DTS is also required for us in order to take future mission trips through/with YWAM, which we desire (and feel led) to do.

OUR GOAL through this:

To put it simply, we’ve been wanting to see Jesus more in our lives, and a lot of that by way of serving His people. Becca has felt a release from here for a while, but I didn’t feel it until about a month ago. The Lord has been showing me how much more of Him we have access to, and its begun to be all I truly care about. We weren’t sure what the next step was going to be, but ultimately found peace in the decision to put Jesus first through the DTS and devote that time to Him. We believe it will also allow Him to speak to us and lead us in ways He may not be able to here. Becca always said from the beginning of our relationship that she wanted to go on a missions trip again, although I was never against the idea, I never really thought it would happen. This summer I’ve been reading different books about pursuing God and I felt like I needed to get out of the routine of “normal life”, put my faith in Jesus, and do something that put Him first – radically. So, we are devoting this time to Him to train us in every way. I have complete peace from Him, like I’ve never had before, as we choose to do this through YWAM (missions/dts). It’s honestly something that wouldn’t make any logical sense for me, or seem like a practically “wise” decision. Nonetheless, I am following the peace, moving our family, and trusting Him through this adventure.

By investing and sewing a seed in Becca and I, you are allowing us to be used however Jesus wants to do so. We are at a place of complete surrender to Him. Becca and I have both been blessed with incredible lives this far, and we believe it is our time to give. During this DTS we will be stretched, uncomfortable, and completely out of our control, on purpose. There are many parts of it that are unappealing and difficult, but we are excited about it, and thats where the peace is evident. We will attend the required training – readying us to begin the over seas missions. Our hearts are to see Jesus prepare us, then use us to spread His glory in this earth. We are surrendering to whatever His call is, and we know this is the first step in that.

– Samuel

To read more about YWAM and their mission, including more details on what this DTS will entail, please visit – ywamredding.org

A blurb from YWAM Redding; “Here at YWAM Redding we strive to train revivalists for cross-cultural missions, to go and make disciples among the least reached people groups on the earth, wherever they might be found. People from the most resistant cultures are turning to Jesus in unprecedented numbers. There has never been a better time than now to bring in the harvest.”

THANK YOU in advance, we absolutely cannot do this without you. We believe every cent given is a seed into something much greater, something we cannot even fathom that God is planning for us.

With love & thanks,

Samuel & Becca Andazola


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  1. Love love love it all!! Bec I’ve been asking the same things for signs and wonders. When I just need to be at the foot of the throne!! Love you both!! Blessings and Love Sweet angels

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